Frequently Asked Questions
Common questions & answers about our pro-level training.

Because our students must make every photo opportunity count to be commercially successful, we deliver high-quality training programs that:

  • Provide you with simple, fast and cost-effective training
  • Technical skills as well as the business of photography
  • Leverage a team of dedicated pros to mentor and advance student development

Whom do we serve?

Eclipse Photography Institute provides technical and business skills training to established pros, and a comprehensive education experience for aspiring pros and passionate amateurs.

What makes us different?

Good question...

  • You must be able to spell "SLR" — we serve high-end professionals, advanced amateurs, and the passionate individuals who aspire to be counted among them.
  • We provide not only advanced technical skills training; we teach you how to succeed in the business of photography.
  • Your instructors are among the best in the business, and are working professionals.
  • Courses are video-based (not PDF, not PowerPoint, not HTML — real hi-def video instruction), viewable from any browser with a broadband connection.
  • Assignments are evaluated and critiqued by notable professionals.
  • Content, content, content.

Why distance learning?

Online training, or distance learning, allows you to proceed at a pace that works for your lifestyle and needs. You learn at your own pace, in your spare time, which means you can continue to work, go to school, and take care of your family while you learn. And with no commuting involved, most Eclipse students find they actually have more time to devote to learning than they would at a traditional institution.

Who are the instructors?

All Eclipse programs are built on the philosophy that the business of professional photography is best taught by real pros. That's why we have assembled a team of proven, professionally successful photographers who are passionate, creative, and focused on your career. Their contributions and input into your learning experience help to guarantee a quick return on your training investment. See our instructor bios for more details.

What will I gain from Eclipse training?

Because focus on building true business proficiency for photographers, you will gain more than just skills training. Our interactive critique and feedback model, pro-mentor program, and business success curriculum will help you discover and foster your creativity, while a strong member community provides a fun and inspiring atmosphere to further develop your potential. When combined with our flexible payment options and money-back guarantee, Eclipse programs just make sense for furthering your photographic success.

So what is this beta stuff?

"Beta" means that the current Eclipse Photography Institute web site is under going constant updates... new features being added, problems being resolved, etc. Rome wasn't built in a day, but we are working hard and fast to build the world's highest quality online photography school. So welcome to the new site and please let us know if you find any problems or have a suggestion.

  • Update for September 19, 2009:
    We have fixed several page display issues with Internet Explorer 7 on Windows. If you are a Windows IE7 user and this is your first time back to the site since we fixed some issues, be sure to hold down the "shift" key while you refresh your browser. You only have to do this once. This will ensure that you get the latest version of all the files and that everything works correctly (basically - it clears your browser's cache).
  • Update for September 14, 2009:
    Welcome to Eclipse! Today is the first day of open beta testing for the brand new You may notice issues with getting to certain areas of the website (like the blog) as the new domain settings propagate around the Internet. Let us know if you have any problems.