Experienced instructors, successful students
Eclipse instructors are passionate educators who are dedicated to helping students learn both the craft and business of photography. Our instructors have been educating students in this spirit for many years using more traditional methods, and it's this same spirit they bring to the Eclipse online educational programs.

Here's just a small sample of what students have said
about our workshops, seminars and courses:

"I was thrilled to have learned so much and felt good about being a photographer. My instructor encouraged me to continue with this passion - a great photographer who can take you to the next level of your own photography."


"My instructor is an excellent educator. He was able to simplify many of the technical pieces of photography to help make my images better. I always felt energized to go out and use the information I learned."


"Very informative, an expert in his field, very easy to listen to and learn from, honest, sincere and not any big egos to contend with."


"The instructor understands the processes he teaches so well, there is not a wasted moment. He has really done his homework. He anticipates needs and questions as well as any teacher/consultant I have had."


"My instructor is a true professional and a delight to work with. "