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Photography: Beyond The Camera

An overview of the art beyond pixels, lenses and bodies.
Price: $225
Course Start Dates:
Instructor:Tom Maddrey
Photography is often thought of as a technical skill, but the art of photography is more than pixels, lenses, and bodies. This class will examine those non-technical aspects of the art including composition, color, nuance, gesture, light, and more.

Seeing Light :: A Studio Experience

Techniques for great studio lighting.
Price: $225
Course Start Dates:
Instructor:Neill Whitlock
Neill Whitlock has photographed for some of the most respected names in the fashion world. Let him be your mentor as he teaches you how he "sees" light in the world. Using examination of his most famous images, as well as extensive and in-depth studio demonstrations, Neill will teach you some great techniques to enhance your photography from day one.

The Editorial Marketplace

Discovering keys to becoming a published professional.
Price: $425
Course Start Dates:
Instructor:Brent Winebrenner
In this eight week class, professional photographer Brent Winebrenner takes a stepwise approach to go from an interested and dedicated photographer to a published professional. If you have the work, intensity, and desire, Brent will teach you how to make the money. Utilizing his vast collection of images and experiences, Brent will teach you how to approach magazines, what needs to go in a query letter, and how to deal with rejection. At the end of the class, you will have a one-year plan that will take you as far as you can imagine.

Start to Finish :: Producing a Shoot

Secrets to making your shoots go smoothly.
Price: $225
Course Start Dates:
Instructor:Kelly Kirlin
In Producing a Photo shoot from Start to Finish, students will learn what all is necessary to make a photo shoot go as smoothly as possible. This includes things such as concepting, sketching out shots, working with art directors, hiring models, coordinating travel schedules, scouting and securing locations, working with stylists, preparing equipment, arranging fittings, hiring assistants, and generating call sheets. In addition, we touch on post production. We cover what is needed to deliver a final product to a client - magazine, ad agency, or private client.