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Discovering keys to becoming a published professional.
Photography Beyond the Camera
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In this eight week class, professional photographer Brent Winebrenner takes a stepwise approach to go from an interested and dedicated photographer to a published professional. If you have the work, intensity, and desire, Brent will teach you how to make the money. Utilizing his vast collection of images and experiences, Brent will teach you how to approach magazines, what needs to go in a query letter, and how to deal with rejection. At the end of the class, you will have a one-year plan that will take you as far as you can imagine.

This course is designed to help photographers develop the research, marketing and business skills required to break into, and succeed, in the editorial marketplace. It advocates a proactive, highly targeted approach designed to dramatically increase the odds of selling your capabilities to editorial art directors and photo editors. The course is designed to develop sale-able ideas and effective marketing strategies, rather than photographic skills. Upon completion, the student should have a detailed roadmap to publication.

What you will learn:

During this 8-week, 72-session program, you'll learn:

  • How to develop your personal artist statement, brand and goals, the starting point of a successful and fulfilling career.
  • About the fundamentals of the publishing industry.
  • How to dissect a publication to successfully identify potential entry points.
  • How to develop effective story ideas.
  • How to write effective query letters and proposals.
  • How to develop an effective marketing plan.
  • How to submit your work, how to price it and how to protect it.
  • How to create a one year plan to consistent editorial publication.

Skills you will gain

After completing The Editorial Marketplace, you'll be able to:

  • Articulate your photographic goals and ambitions.
  • Identify potential editorial targets of opportunity.
  • Dissect a publication with a view toward developing story ideas of interest to magazines and yourself.
  • Develop effective query letters, pitching your story ideas.
  • Create an effective marketing plan.
  • How to manage the fundamentals of your photography business, price your work and protect it.
  • Develop a one-year plan to successful publication.

Lessons in this course:

Course Preview Trailer

A few highlights from The Editorial Marketplace with Brent Winebrenner

Lesson 1: Creating Your Materials

Developing your artist's statement, branding statement and goals.

Introduction / Roadmap

Artistic Assessment

Artistic Assessment (cont.)


Branding (cont.)

Branding / Design

Design / Goal Setting

Goal Setting (Cont.)

Review / Assignment

Lesson 2: The Industry and Research

Basics of the publishing industry and an introduction to magazine research.

Intro :: Print Publishing

Print Publishing Basics

Breaking In

How To Get Started

Getting Started (cont.)

Rules To Live By


Research (Cont.)

Examples and Assignment

Lesson 3: Magazine Research

Developing magazine research skills.

Editorial Slant & Analysis

Cover Analysis

Advertising Analysis

The Table of Contents

Features & Masthead

Content Analysis

Bringing it Together

Lesson 4: Creating the Story

How to develop effective, sale-able story ideas.

Introduction to Ideas

Creativity and History

Traits of Creatives

Traits of Creatives (Cont.)

Path to Ideas

Personal Creativity

Wrapping Up / Assignment

Lesson 5: The Query Letter

How to create effective query letters.

Introduction to Query Letters

Query Letter Basic

The Pitch

Sealing the Deal

Using Guidelines

Guidelines (cont.)

Suggestions for Success

Some Do's & Dont's

A Case Study

A Case Study (cont.)

Lesson 6: Marketing for the Marketplace

Marketing and submission strategies.

Collateral Material

Material (cont.)

Mailing Considerations



List Building

List Building (cont.)

Websites - Part 1

Websites - Part 2

Web Examples

Conclusion / Assignment

Lesson 7: Business Basics

Estimating costs, pricing, contract paperwork and copyright


Overhead and Expense

Break Even



Stock and Small Jobs


Contracts (cont.)



Wrapping Up

Lesson 8: Your One Year Plan

Developing a one-year plan to publishing success.

A One Year Plan

Build a Foundation

Market Research

Research (cont.)

Portfolios and Campaigns

Campaigns (cont.)

Wrapping Up

Test Video


  • An advanced amateur or better level of photographic skills and vision, supported by Pro-sumer 35 mm digital camera and intermediate Photoshop skills.

Who should take this course?

  • This course is especially designed for photographers who want to develop the research, marketing and business skills required to break into the editorial marketplace.

What kind of materials will I need to complete the assignments?

  • You will need basic Pro-sumer gear.
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Brent Winebrenner, Instructor

Brent Winebrenner is a California-based editorial travel, corporate location and stock photographer. In addition to a wide variety of publications for photo library and stock agency Lonely Planet, his work has appeared in National Geographic Traveler, National Geographic Adventure, Sunset, Island Magazine, California Home, Cowboys & Indians, Food & Home, Santa Barbara Magazine, Seasons, Upwardly Mobile, Modern Bride, Wine Spectator, The New York Times, The New York Daily News, The Washington Post, The Guardian, The Independent, Magellan's Travel and The Territory Ahead catalogs, as well as in many textbooks, annual reports and corporate collateral materials.

Brent served as a Semester at Sea photographer and taught location lighting in the Visual Journalism Department at the Brooks Institute of Photography. He has produced a variety of corporate branding videos for Kendall Jackson and is currently working on two coffee table books for Rizzoli Publications. To view his work, visit

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Duration: 8 weeks

Cost: $425